About Us

About Our Founder

Steve H. Bock

Steve H. Bock is the founder of Love the 88. He’s an experienced and renowned digital marketer with vast experience working in the marketing industry. Bock spends most of his days helping companies build their brands and attract customers online.

He’s the CEO of lovethe88.com, a digital marketing agency he started to help businesses develop an online presence and promote their products and/or services to a wider target audience.

Bock has won many digital marketing awards for the premium service his company offers potential businesses. He deploys safe techniques or marketing strategies to help businesses achieve their sales goals.

Particularly, he’s an expert in SEO, content marketing and pay per click advertising. His clients describe him as a true expert in his field and a results-oriented marketer. What’s more, he’s passionate about his job.


Our Statements

Mission and Vision


The mission of Love the 88 is to help businesses grow. We deploy the most recent digital marketing techniques or strategies, including expertise and experiences gained when using modern and relevant tools to measure and build ROI.


Our aim is to become the top choice digital marketing agency worldwide that provides complete marketing solutions for small and medium business enterprises. We also work to continue deploying state of the art marketing tools and proven strategies aimed at drive massive growth.